• Cellphone Repair
  • Desktop and Laptop Repair

  • Malware Removal

  • Wireless Networks

  • Network Setup

  • Storage Devices

  • Backup Data

  • Printer Services
  • PC Upgrade

    • Anti -Virus Removal and Protection
    • VHS to DVD Transfers 
    • Watch Battery Replacement    



Is your computer acting strange? Did you receive a phone call from “Microsoft” or “Amazon” telling you that your computer is at risk?* Bring your computer in for professional virus removal to protect your data and privacy.


*Please do not answer these scam callers, they are almost always scams in order to install malware onto your computer. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to give us a call or bring in your computer if you feel you have been a victim of one of these scams. We see this problem every day and you would not be the first





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